Team Avatar Media is a leading media studio dedicated to the creation of world-class explainer videos filled with captivating and high impact storytelling.

Our troop of cyber agents, writers, producers, directors, editors and actors are ready to take on new roles singing the praises of your product, event, place or organization.

The process is simple and unless you are explaining the virtues of root canal surgery without anesthesia it is also painless.

We start by writing a script designed to capture your story supported by eye-catching animation. We'll then provide a cast of characters, locations and props for your approval. We have hundreds of options to choose from.

With the script, location, actors and props ready to go we record the professional voice-over, selection the right music and sound effects and start the magic of weaving the animation together into a first cut.

After any final edits we rent a large theater (optional - extra cost) and hold the world premier, red carpet and all. Voila!

The high definition video is ready to be hosted on our video service, included on your website and even shared on YouTube.


what we do

Fantastic Scripts

We put a lot of effort in creating a script that is clean, entertaining and designed to keep the viewer engaged with captivating animation.

Hot Illustrations

Black & White illustrations are ok but why not jump into the world of living color to make you story come alive with eye candy that sings!

Cool Animation

We add life to more than just the characters. Props and backgrounds can dance also!

Impactful Music

Music should be heard but not overpowering. Sound effects can make the visuals pop! We know how to find the right balance.

Professional Voice-overs

Our stable of professional voices can add just the right mood and make your story stick!

Video Hosting

Once your video is completed you need a place to stream it to the world. We include free hosting to make life easy and can also help you place your videos on Social Media including YouTube and Facebook.

our team

meet the actors

Our highly skilled avatars. Meet the people in front of the camera.

Our collection of avatars come from all walks of life. Together they have over 2543 years of experience tell stories that go far beyond the realms of normal character acting. Really! Each of these characters are real characters, crazy backgrounds, secret lives, strange relatives! Check them out and get a feel for the roles they can play.

Here's some of the award winning team!

  • Bill

    Real Estate Agent, Secret Agent

  • Jill

    Con artist, Make-up Artist

  • Kevin

    Fireman, Teacher

  • Barbara

    Activist, Baker

  • Max

    Jetsetter, Model

  • Stephan

    Director, Archaeologist

  • Edith

    Grandmother, Nurse

  • James

    Farmer, Vegan

  • Whoopi

    Comedian, Aunt

  • Larry

    Truck Driver, Veterinarian

  • Harry

    Soldier, Artist

  • Rebecca

    Farmer, Poet

  • Sue

    Mother, Photographer

  • Philip

    Entrepreneur, Father

  • June

    Olympic Athlete, Singer

  • Raj

    Socceer Player, Banker

  • Dr. Yes

    Physicist, Hippie

  • Mary

    Florist, Secretary of State

  • Dude

    Cowboy, Astronaut

  • Nancy

    Lawyer, Cheerleader

  • Penny

    Sales Person, PR Director

  • Ralph

    Doctor, Senator

  • Lucy

    Astronaut, Swimmer

  • Marg

    Police Woman, Race Car Driver

Our agents and tailors can create new characters and outfits to fit any scenario!

Explore Custom AVATARS & Outfits

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Locations and sets

Our location scouts and set designers go out of the way to find the right sets.

Finding the perfect location to make your story come to life elevates your storytelling in a manner that says more than words. Our location scouts travel the world looking for settings that are out of this world. (Really, check out the lunar landscape!)

Each location is displayed with lively animation and can be used by any different combination of actors as needed.

Here's some of the locations!

  • Workshop

  • Start-up Office

  • Lawn

  • Main Street

  • House

  • Highway

  • Stage

  • Movie Theater

  • Meeting

  • Jail

  • Buildings

  • Midnight Oil

  • Midnight Oil

  • Midnight Oil

  • Ocean Sailing

  • Beach

  • Baseball Diamond

  • PC Monitor

  • Train Station

  • Money down the Drain

  • Counting Sheep

  • Meadow

  • Moon Landing

  • Classroom

  • Socceer Field

  • Line-up

  • Cornfield

  • Blue Sky

  • Night Sky

  • Film Stage

  • Space Shuttle

  • Mountains

Our scouts can find new locations & our carpenters can build custom sets to fit any story!

Explore a Custom Set!

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Our prop masters know how to find the bright shiny objects!

Whether it's the right gizmos, a cool gadget, a speedy vehicle or unique thing-a-ma-gig to dress a set our prop masters will climb mountains, visit the moon or drop by the local hardware store to find the right treasure.

Here's some of the props!

  • Newspaper

  • Lawn mower

  • Shopping Cart

  • Bullseye

  • Gears

  • Handshake

  • Real Estate Sign

  • Fire Hydrate

  • Pick-up

  • Jet

  • Wheel Barrow

  • Magnifying Glass

  • Bag of Coins

  • Stack of Bills

  • Wheel barrow of Money

  • Telephone

  • Sheep

  • Sleepy Puppy

  • Flowers in Pot

  • Watering Can

  • Easel

  • Cactus

  • Jet Car

  • Trophy

Our craftsmen spend their days (and nights) dreaming up objects that add sizzle to the action!

Explore Custom Props!

Prices to fit

Any Budget

Explainer Videos are a cost effective way of telling your story in a manner that goes far beyond simple talking head interviews yet they can look like Million Dollar Productions!

If a picture is worth a thousand words an animated story must be worth a thousand pictures. It's possible to find studios that will do an Explainer video for less and there are many companies that will do them for a whole lot more. Take a look at the quality of our work and if you like what you see let us know if we can help you tell a fantastic story!